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High Impact Value Propositions for Individuals and Business Owners


We build positive and productive customer relationships.

As branding professionals, we know how important it is to make sure that customers have a positive experience throughout each engagement. We build an environment of trust and confidence with all clients that lasts well beyond the project's completion date.

One of the reasons we enjoy such a high rate of return business is that our clients appreciate the attentiveness we apply to all of their requirements ... which, over time, ends up saving them time and money. They are apparently happy to spread the word!

We thank all of our customers for entrusting their most important projects to us. We especially thank the law firm of Bell & Shivas, P. C. (Rockaway Township, NJ) for the 3-year engagement with which they have entrusted us.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

Channel Partners

Rod Colon Consulting

Rod Colon and I were first introduced in September, 2007. Since then, we have become best friends and actively support each other in reaching our business goals. We have extensive partnership programs.

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BiCoastal Data Tech

Tommy Dullaghan outlined his branding needs to me in 2013. After completing his project work, we recognized the benefit of collaborating on branding projects. We are now partnering on several new branding initiatives.

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Russell Thomas

Russell J. Thomas has been a friend and mentor since 1997 when he hired me onto his web development team at AT&T. Now we have active collaborative projects focused on writing satire and parody.

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The Writers Group

Husband-and-wife business team Tom & Tina Durham are two of the most talented writers I've ever met. They've been an inspiration to me for almost 25 years now and provide invaluable feedback on many of my key writing projects.

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Other Business Partnerships

Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce

We are actively working with various members of the PACC to expand business opportunities and raise community awareness of business contributions. We will also be helping with networking events in late-Summer, 2020.

Morris County (NJ) Chamber of Commerce

Membership is pending in the Morris County (NJ) Chamber of Commerce.

Empowering Today's Professionals Network

In many ways, Chiphartman.com was given its initial momentum through a partnership with the Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP) Network, founded by Rod Colon. ETP and Chiphartman.com share an "exchange service" relationship.