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High Impact Value Propositions for Individuals and Business Owners

About Us

From concept to execution — customer-defined value comes first.

 In a nutshell, ChipHartman.com is all about helping individuals and businesspeople establish, develop and deploy a first-rate value proposition - as seen through the eyes of THEIR customers!

With nearly ten years of study and analysis of assets on the MECLABS web site, we have analyzed the process of constructing high-impact value propositions and used those discoveries to create clear, compelling and distinctive value propositions for our own clients.

In everything we do and in every project we start, our prime objective remains the same: articulating and intensifying the value that YOU bring to YOUR customers.

Let us show you how the impact of a forceful value proposition gives you a true competitive advantage in today's volatile marketplace. .

Where Does the Value Proposition "fit" in the Business Spectrum?



Our Top 3 Benefits (As Reported by Clients)

  • One Stop Shop

    Chiphartman.com offers a one-stop shop for all business communication needs. If it's on our list of standard services, customers can select those services that interest them the most.

  • Tiered Pricing

    All of our standard services come with tiered pricing — so that customers can find the best balance of scope and budget to comfortably meet their needs.

  • Post-Project Support

    For every contracted service, we provide a pre-negotiated period of zero-cost support after the project has been completed. We like to ensure smooth transitions for our clients.

About Chip


Life — and business — are chemical.
Hydrogen and Oxgen produce water. Value Propositions and Branding produce high-impact marketing ... and that's the truth!

Classical Music:  Concert Piano & Double Bass

Performance requires proficiency.
My two best instruments ever since I was a kid ... and numerous performances with symphony orchestras in the northeastern USA.

Animals — Especially Snow Dogs

Animals have a lot to teach humans.
For example, things like patience, endurance, perseverance, loyalty and the ability to just "let loose" and simply enjoy life!


J'aime beaucoup La France
Three trips to France under the belt (Paris, Alps, Riviera) and many more to come, with luck. Next up: Normandy & Brittany.

Deep Sky Astronomy

A truly humbling experience!
Viewing the Andromeda Galaxy is looking back in time about 2.3 million years. You're seeing what it used to look like way back then.

Old Movies

And there are plenty of them to love!
They didn't know how to blow up buildings back then ... no special effects ... so they had to tell great stories instead.