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Since I was a kid, I've had a fascination with brands. I still do. And after all that time it's led me to one inescapable conclusion: A brand that's built on a rock-solid value proposition will create "sticky space" in the minds of customers - even in the most competitive marketplace.

My goal is to help individuals or business owners build their brands by coaching them through the customer logic that spawns them: the value proposition. Once a client's value proposition has been thoroughly developed and tested, then all of the branding and downstream marketing work will be on-point as well. and the Value We Provide

My team and I will coach you through the development of your own unique value proposition. The process is intensely iterative - with good reason - since we will want to test each new "logic bundle" to ensure (at every stage) that the value force always exceeds the cost force. Our value proposition model is based on the principles and prototypes of value exchange as taught by MECLABS Institute, Jacksonville, FL under the direction of Dr. Flint McGlaughlin.



Books, E-Books, & Articles

  Published Book (etp Press, Denville, NJ)
Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs (Softcover)

  LinkedIn Post, 2/16/2016
The Super Secure Stealth Key

  LinkedIn Post, 8/31/2015
Why Do Planes Crash?

  LinkedIn Post, 6/23/2015
The Story Power of Iconic Photographs

  LinkedIn Post, 5/27/2015
The Audi Drone Ad: For the Birds?

  LinkedIn Post, 4/28/2015
Why They're Lighting Up The Matterhorn This Year

  LinkedIn Post, 2/20/2015
Unstoppable Brand Momentum




  Soup-to-Nuts Breakdown of Brand-Building
Build Your Brand

  Why Brands Originate With a Value Proposition
The Birth of a Brand

  Branding Captured in a Mathematical Equation? Yes!
The Mathematics of Personal Branding

  Where and How All This "Branding Stuff" Got Started
Where Do You Stand on the Personal Brand?

  Branded Slide Decks Work Well on LinkedIn Profiles!
Tommy Dullaghan: Branding Slide Deck

  A Single Page Captures Everything!
The Branding Process fron 30,000 Feet



Marketing Collateral: Client and Promotional

Client: Bell & Shivas, P. C. Law Firm
Bell & Shivas Value Proposition Brochure

Client: Bell & Shivas, P. C. Law Firm
Meeting Preparation Checklist (Law Firm), LLC
LinkedIn Profile Marketing Flyer (please rotate image clockwise)

Client: Ralph Hansen, Owner
Caring Coach (Ad Card)

Client: Rod Colon
Rod Colon Marketing Brochure

Client: Ted Santos
Board of Veteran CEOs

Client: Luke Meisenbacher
Discover the NEW North Dakota!



Brands and Brand-Building

Client: ExecuNet — Pittsburgh, PA Chapter
Executive Traction with LinkedIn

Client: Montville Township (NJ) Chamber of Commerce
Personal Branding: Fuel Injection for Your Business

Client: Empowering Today's Professionals (ETP Networking Group)
Build Your Brand

Client: Northern NJ Networking Group
The Basics of Personal Branding

Client: Central New Jersey Networking Group
Turbocharge Your LinkedIn Profile

Client: Rod Colon & Associates
7-Steps Job Aid (Rod Colon)

Client: The Caring Coach (Ralph Hansen, President)
The Caring Coach


Web Sites & Web-Based Marketing

Web Site Development Clients

Bell & Shivas, P. C. Law Firm
Bell & Shivas, P. C.

Donegal Association of New York
Donegal Association of New York

James Karr Piano
James Karr Piano

Scholastic Kids Press Corps  (no longer active)
Scholastic Kids Press Corps (PDF)




  Tom Burns (Tom Burns Technical Services)
  Rod Colon (Rod Colon Consulting)
  Tom Davidson (Financial Services & IT Professional Federal Reserve)
  Joseph J. Bell, Esq. (Bell & Shivas, P. C.)
  Tina Durham (Sr Performance Solutions Specialist, Chubb)
  Tom Durham (Trg Developer, Afilias)
  Mark Germansky (Keller Williams Real Estate)
  James Karr (James Karr Piano)
  Jess Marshall (Farmers Insurance)
  Russell J. Thomas (AT&T, Concert Communications, Scholastic, Inc.)

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