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Small Business Branding Specialists


Do we walk the talk? — You decide.

Our portfolio contains samples of the work from our "strong suits:" writing, value proposition coaching & development, branding, marketing, presentations, LinkedIn Profiles and digital photography.

We like to keep the portfolio fluid, so please check back frequently to see updated samples and expanded categories.


Illustrative Marketing / Branding / Advertising ( I-M-B-A ) Gallery: Volume # 1

May & June, 2017

Other Samples

Flowcharts: A Specialty

Accurate flowcharting has been helping businesses for well over a century. They give business leaders the 30,000-foot view of processes that affect a company's bottom line. Modern flowcharting applications allow for easy and efficient updates.

A Value Proposition Rating Tool: in MS-Excel!

Since we put such a great emphasis on the construction of a forceful value proposition, we designed a helpful Excel-based self-rating toolto help our clients along — it's great for ensuring authenticity!   DOWNLOAD HERE

Rod Colon Consulting: Marketing Brochure

Close personal friend and business partner Rod Colon has a mastery of public speaking that's difficult to match. But he also needs the occasional "traditional" marketing tool to spread his message of "Owning Your Career."