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Frequently Asked Questions



  • What are your qualifications as a writer?

    I was trained as a technical writer at AT&T developing publications for many of the company's internal clients. My responsibilities included research, writing, editing, proofreading and ensuring that all books and documents were in camera-ready condition before delivery to the printer. I have also written a book, published by etp press (Denville, NJ) entitled Win The Race for 21st Century Jobs, co-authored by Rod Colon.
  • What distinguishes you from other writers or branding specialists?

    Many professional writers have extensive talent in composing corporate communications, writing great web copy, and building high-impact marketing collateral. But if they do not grasp the importance of embedding your value proposition in every piece of writing you publish, they are failing to provide you with that special combination of impact and distinction that separates you from your competition. We begin our projects with a careful analysis of the value you bring to the marketplace and integrate it into every piece of written communication you publish ... and that includes all of your marketing assets, too!
  • What is the most important benefit a customer derives from working with you?

    Because saving time and money is critical for all businesses, we can collapse your project costs by providing all three of the key elements of successful online marketing: expert writing, efficient online delivery, and head-turning visual imagery. You will also find that we go well beyond the "official" project termination date in providing attentive customer support. We will not leave you just because a project "technically" terminates.
  • You put a great emphasis on the value proposition. Why?

    With great disappointment, I've watched many businesses fail because of their zeal to jump into active marketing ... without establishing a credible brand first. Brands cannot be realistically launched unless the owner understands his or her value proposition first. Put another way, value propositions are the precursor of brands.
  • What's included in your free 'value proposition analysis?'

    Once I receive an inquiry (on the contact form) that you are interested in having a free 30 - 45 minute evaluation of your existing value proposition, we step through a special check-list that shows you all of the factors required to easily communicate your value in a highly competitive market. It's an open conversation but heavily based in "question-and-answer" interaction so that I can determine the location of any rough spots that may exist. At the end of the analysis, you'll know if your value proposition can withstand certain "tests of force" ... or whether it requires a substantial makeover.
  • Do you also design marketing collateral?

    Yes. We always like to examine all marketing development through the lens of a client's value proposition, but if you'd prefer to have pre-defined collateral developed (i.e., without the benefit of a value proposition analysis), that's fine with us. Please understand that we will always feel compelled to remind you that it is a potential waste of time and money if you're developing marketing pieces that are not in alignment with your fundamental value proposition ... but you're the boss!
  • Does your company provide brand consulting?

    Yes. In fact, that's the fastest growing part of our business in mid-2016. Many of our clients have taken the "branding leap" but need just occasional guidance and direction in order to make their brands "stick" ... a relatively short period of brand consulting is usually all they need to get their businesses fast-tracked for high-impact marketing.